soundtrack across module

I know you could do this in Presenter, and I don't think you can in Storyline but thought I would throw it out there.

Can you put one soundtrack across all of a module rather than slide by slide?  I know you can't divide it up across slides, but I just want light music playing through the module. 

On another note, has anyone tried this? What was your learner feedback? I'm looking at 'mood music'.


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Daniel Brigham

Hi, Kate: This isn't currently possible in the current version of Storyline, though I'm sure many have requested it.

Thoughts on mood music: I tend to use for certain slides, because I want the music to do a certain thing on that slide: create a reflective mood, give a sense of place (music playing in the background of a store); make a statement about a character, and so on. ("Yeah, and the guy has a secret Air Supply fetish...")

I'll also use music in short demos that are giving a high-level view of a course, but if true learning is taking place (meaning the learning really has to think about what's what, then the music could be a distraction.)

Question: is the course more information-based, or is more performanced-based? If the latter, maybe use the music sparingly. Unless it's Rush, of course. Kidding, sort of.