Speech Recognition and Navigating Storyline 3 Player

What are the voice commands for navigating a Storyline 3 course published to an LMS? I have a user who has access to the Windows Speech Recognition and Dragon and he can't tell it to "Select Next Button" or "Press Next Button".  The user is visually impaired. Thanks.

The course is published to LMS set to SCORM 2004, 3rd Ed., Completed/Incomplete with Tracking set to view slides.

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Joseph Robinson

Hi Ashley,
Yes, he uses a screen reader so the Tab Order tool has been awesome for me when designing. Pretty sure that he uses JAWS and also has something to do with Dragon. His comments on voice navigation may be because of the WCAG 2.0 stuff being included in 508 now. I'm a little surprised the player doesn't communicate the commands to the voice recognition software. I tried using the Show Number command in Window's Speech Recognition Tool to see if it would highlight anything in the player and nothing responded. I can reach out to JAWS to find out if they have the commands for navigating the Storyline Player, but I'm guessing they'll point me back to you. I will check out your 508 compliance section.

Joseph Robinson

Okay, didn't find much on the JAWS site so I'll have to contact them. I did load the course in SCORM Cloud and found that voice navigation worked there, awkwardly, but it worked. Mostly I could say Tab, Press Tab, Press Shift Tab, Press Enter, and Enter and it would respond to those. It did not respond with I said Press Next or Next or any of that so I guess that isn't built in yet.

Anyways, given that it somewhat worked in SCORM Cloud, I'll poke Cornerstone On Demand and see what they have to say about it.

Ashley Terwilliger

Wow, great testing and insight Joseph! Thanks for testing and coming back to share. I wonder if the voice commands will only follow the key commands? As Tab, press enter, etc. are all actions to take with the keyboard and don't necessarily indicate what is on the screen such as the Next button label. So if you keep testing, try the different keystrokes like Arrow Up or Arrow Down, Spacebar, etc. 

Let us know if you find anything else out!