Speeding the loading of SL3 slides

I would like to see if there are any tricks to speed up a Storyline 3 presentation. Not speeding up the audio, but the time to load a slide. On my PC (Intel I7-4790 @3.6 GHz with 32 GB ram) and my laptop (Surface Pro) the loading of slides is several seconds each. Especially on the laptop I turn off all possible background applications but this is still quite slow.

Anything else to improve the speed ?


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Katie Gokhshteyn

Hello, Philippe. Great question!

A quick pro-tip that Storyline preloads slides to prevent interruptions for a smooth playback. More on how course content is preloaded here!

Loading time can definitely be influenced by processor speed as well as internet speed, so I would start by exploring these areas. Also, are you publishing your courses for Web, LMS, or something else?

If you're able to share a sample project with us, we're happy to look at the loading speed with you in a similar environment and let you know what we find! 🔎

Philippe JEANTY

Thanks Katie

This is the beginning of the course, you can download it here as a presentation:


and here as a story file:


I would like to run it both on PC and on the web, and I tried to keep all the videos as compact as possible. It appears it runs faster from Chrome on my PC then from "Start_Story".

Still a long lag on my PCs. So any optimizations suggestions would be great ! And I would love to hear your suggestions!

Thanks so much!


Katie Gokhshteyn

Good afternoon, Philippe. I appreciate you sharing your file!

In addition to processor and internet speed, a hosting site's bandwidth for the published output also affects loading time – do you experience any lag with my published Web output here? Also, keep in mind that the larger the files are, the longer it may take to load.

Additionally, check out these similar discussions. Lots of excellent insight and advice there!

Let me know what you think!

Philippe JEANTY

Thanks Katie

Well currently i have about 770 slides but it is far from finished. I hate to break it up because i like the convenience of SEARCH so that the user can go anywhere for uncommon terms. I have not removed unused master slides but i suspect their contribution to the total file size is pretty small.

I have not tried to view this over the internet even for the web version as i live in a place with very slow internet (6 Mbites/s !!!). But even on my pc and laptop it feels slow.

As you look thru the files i send you, do you see any inefficiencies ? Things that could be corrected ?

Katie Gokhshteyn

Thanks for your follow-up, Philippe! Ah, I was going to suggest breaking the project up into smaller segments to help improve the performance. 😅

Also, Tom Kuhlmann's How Long Should My E-Learning Course Be? has many nuggets of gold. While I don't have much experience with managing large courses, I have seen other folks in the community discuss tips around similarly sized courses who can hopefully chime in to assist.

Dear Community: Do you have any tried-and-true advice you follow when you need to optimize a large course?