State change on object not working

Aug 03, 2017

Here's what I'm trying to do. On the course topic slide, I have 5 objects: four topic post-its and a "ready for quiz" object. The four post-its have 3 states: Normal, Hover, and Visited. When all 4 topic objects are visited, the quiz object is supposed to go from Disabled to Normal. When this object is normal, the user can then click it to take the quiz.

Here's the issue. The quiz object's initial state is set to disabled. In this state, the character is greyscale with black text stating the user has to complete all topics to take the quiz. The quiz object's normal state is in color, the text changes to color, and new text is added - click here to take the quiz. 

BUT, no matter what I do (triple checking initial state, recreating the whole button, etc), the image starts off with the black text from the disabled state laid on top of the color text from the normal state. The image itself is in color.

I've also tried this in preview mode and published it out to web ... same results. The other buttons' states are working - no overlay. I have no idea what I'm doing, or not doing. 

Here are some screenshots. This is a last minute remediation, so I literally have 3 days to add any kind of instructional design.

Any ideas?????

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