State Colors Randomly Changed

I am having an issue with my state colors in my course. I have an arrow that I imported, and I changed the color (via the "recolor" option in the format tab) to the below:

This worked great at first. Now when I play the slides, the arrow shows up as desired initially in they gray disabled state, but when the icon turns to the "normal" state, it looks like the below (and also stays that way for the Hover state).

#1, I'm not sure how this darker color ever came to be since I have never used it, or how to get rid of it without totally trying to delete and restart the arrows.

#2, to complicate matters and add some additional detail, before this issue occurred I had noticed that on my states bar the arrows actually did (randomly) turn to this darker blue - however, when the course was played the actual color I had assigned was in tact.

I figured maybe this was just a bug in the program, so in an attempt to fix how they looked on my states tab I reapplied the correct color - which seemed to be a success (as you can see in the first graphic). It was at this point that they started actually showing up wrong when previewed.

Does any of this make sense to anyone else?

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Chantelle N

Just submitted a case, with a .story file that is very pared down to only one real slide since I am unable to provide the full course due to company restrictions. However it should still be sufficient to show the issue. I also included a screencast in a .mp4 format (I had to create one myself from Captivate and publish it out as .mp4 since my company blocks the ability to screencast from the web).

I would have used Storyline to do the screencast, but I can't use the record screen option in Storyline to record a video OF Storyline (unless it's a separate, already published file, of course).