State of a button not changing when variable is changed

Feb 10, 2017


I have a button that has a few different states. One is a "Completed" state that has a check mark added so users can see that they have completed a section.

I created a Variable True/False set to False by default.

When a user clicks on a next button 2 slides further along, they go back to the slide with the Completed button. Clicking the Next button also changes the variable to True.

I have an action set so that when the variable is equal to True the button state should change to Completed. However it does not change. I put the Variable Reference on the slide and it shows that it displays as True, but the button does not change its state.

Any ideas?

Using Storyline 360

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Michael Hinze

The 'When Variable xyz changes' option is limited to the slide where the change actually happens. In your case it sounds like the variable is changed on some slide (not on the slide where the button with the checkmark sits). On the slide with the checkmark button, edit the state change trigger to When the Timeline starts and make sure the slide properties are set to Reset to Initial state.

Walt Hamilton

You are correct that the change to the variable contents is universal; that it has the same value on every slide. However, in SL, only the slide that changes it can know at what moment it changes. That means when slide 1 opens, if it has a trigger that fires when the variable changes, from the instant the slide opens, it watches the variable to see if it changes, and if it does change while being watched, the trigger fires.

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