State "visited" is not working

Hello everybody
I've only been working with Storyline 360 for a short time and have a question about the states: For my project, I took the «Main menu» slide from the Harmony template. This slide has three states. All three states work in the slide-preview. But if I want to preview the whole scene, the "visited" state does not work: if I click on the rectangle object (and then go to the next slide), the rectangle object does not appear dark gray afterwards – it remains dark blue as at the beginning.  Can you help me?

Thanks & best regards, Veronika

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Rebecca Levan

Hi Veronika!

Nice meeting you here in the community :)  Appreciate you stopping by!

Thanks for including the helpful screenshot.  When I took a look at it, I didn't see a "Change state of" trigger for item 6 to "visited" when user clicks.  Would you mind sharing your .story file here so I can dig in a bit more?  



Katie Riggio

Hi Veronika,

Thanks for writing in and sharing that helpful screenshot! This matches an open bug in Storyline 360 where:

  • Behavior: The built-in Visited state does not work on a grouped object when using a Jump to slide trigger.

I'm sorry we haven't found a workaround for this specific scenario, but we promise to notify you of any changes. Here's a look into how we tackle bugs like this one!

Let me know if there's anything else I can do to help!

Katie Riggio

Hi there, Veronika!

Great follow-up question: Do I have to add a trigger manually if I have a built-in state?  

If the visited state exists for an object, it'll automatically display after learners click it. In other words, you don't need to create a trigger to invoke a visited state. More details here.

However, the bug above is impacting this experience. If you could share your Storyline file, we'd love to try to help you work around it until a fix is in place.

Simply use this link to open a case, and we'll share the next step! 😀

Mike DiFonzo


Go into the slide > Click Slide Properties gear > new window pops up.
Screenshot attached.

A lot of times I'll create a custom state called Clicked or Completed and use that. Usually that's to disable the Next button until all items have been clicked on and they don't skip over anything. I can't remember why I don't use the visited state for that though.


Veronika Smetana

Thanks for all the tips!

Unfortunately, I can't do it with a workaround either.

My goal is that when the user clicks on a rectangle, it changes color (yellow) and jumps to the next slide. If the user then switches back to the main menu, the state should still be yellow. I have now deleted the built-in state and set up my own state and also set up a trigger (change state to Farbe wechseln) - unfortunately this did not work either.

I also switched the “when revisiting” option to “Resume saved state”. This led to the object remaining in the state hover. But if you move the mouse over it again, the status changes again, which can be confusing for the user.

I sent my test-story.file as an attachment.

Kind regards


Mike DiFonzo


Having everything grouped together makes things more difficult. Looks like you just want it marked so that the user knows they've already completed a section. I've attached two methods to do this.

I do this is a couple of different ways. I create a checkmark icon that "unhides" on that object when they have completed a section OR I don't use grouped objects. I remove the numbers and just use a rectangle for the title and then change the state for the rectangle. Do you really need each section numbered? 

If you do want the sections numbered, you can still color the sections but you need to change the state for EACH object in that group (hence why I use checkmark icon).

It's important what order you have the triggers. You need to have the change states trigger first BEFORE you jump to a slide or it won't initiate.

Hope this helps.




Veronika Smetana

Hi Mike

No, I do not need every section to be numbered. The thing is, that I used a template, where all the objects already have been defined (-> grouped objects). So I thought I could take the template and customize it for my needs.

Now I tried it considering your tips (remove grouped objects; just used a rectangle for the title and then changed the state for the rectangle) and it worked! That's great!

Thank you very much! This knowledge will help me a lot in my future work.

Kind regards

Mike DiFonzo


Glad it all worked out. The templates are a great tool to get you started and to use as a template but when you want to start to make changes/customize it can get more difficult. 

Templates are a great resource and a great learning tool but as I became more comfortable, it was easier just to create slides from scratch. You'll get there shortly!

FYI, grouped objects have been the bane of my designing whenever I wanted to do something creative!

Here's something I recommend: I created a .story file called Design Resources and whenever I create a creative slide I save it to that file as a resource. I create a different scene for different topics (Hot Spots, Timers, Show Layers, TOC Complete, Variables, Dials, DragDrop, etc.).

This allows me to go back to review how I did something and it's a great resource for creativity. That's where I had the examples that I sent you. I just looked them up.



Robbi James

Hi all... I'm having a similar issue with a very simple slide, the principle of which I've used many times before.  It's a simple screenshot graphic of a system, with red highlight boxes (simple shapes) placed over several checkboxes on the screen.  Each highlight box takes the user to a different slide(s), and has a Visited state.  Each has these triggers:

The slide is set to Resume Saved State.  Yet no matter what I do, the Visited state refuses to display.  The 'jump to slide' trigger is working correctly, but the box remains red (the visited state is grey).

Weirder still is the fact that it works correctly when I pull the slide out and save it separately. Works like a charm when the slide is removed from the deck; does not work at all when the slide is in the deck.  I'm stumped. I rearranged the triggers to ensure that the 'change state' trigger appeared before the 'jump' trigger. I've tried changing the highlight boxes to a button set; that didn't work. 

I've done this many times in the past with filled buttons or shapes, and have never had this issue. I'm on a TODAY deadline, so I really need to get this one figured out.  Can anyone help? (Please ignore the audio level disparity in the attached file - I'll fix that last, once I get it working.  lol)