States and animations not performing properly when CD output Launch_story file is used.

Mar 24, 2021


I have a project created in Storyline 360 that performs properly when viewed from the timeline, slide preview, and the .story file from the published as CD output. However, when the Launch_story file is used, I have two problems.

First slide in provided example: The states that change on cue points do not change at the proper time. The state change seems to lag about a second behind the cue point/trigger.

Second slide in provided example: Several wipe animations simply do not perform at all. The object (the white rectangle) appears, but the animation does not start. 

I've altered the original file to only include the affected slides and to remove identifying information from the layout/content/audio. Our intention by publishing as CD was to put the full output on a flash drive and use a shortcut to the Launch_story file as an quick way for the customer to play the course without much navigation through files.

Please let me know if any further information is needed to assist in this matter.

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