States are not working properly.

Jun 07, 2017

Hey everyone! 

I have a puzzling question. This course is being built extremely fast and will go out soon... but my states are not quite working properly. 

I have a lot of layers and tabs. (This is a bandaid course... not something I would usually create.) 

Anyways within those layers and tabs I have it set so you click on a tab, it takes you to a layer, you click the X to close the layer and change the state of the tab to visited. You have to click on all of the tabs and have them changed to visited before you can move on. To lock this down I have a rectangle shape giving instructions and when all of the tabs are equal to visited the rectangle directions is supposed to change to visited and then allow the users to click the next button (making it "normal"). 

I'm finding a couple of things. On some of my slides the visited state on the directions rectangle is not changing. More if you accidentally click on the directions rectangle it changes itself to visited and unlocks the next button when it is not supposed to do that until all the "tabs" are equal to visited. 

I feel like I'm doing something silly so I have taken a couple of quick videos to show what I'm talking about and if anyone can see where I'm going wrong. 

Thank you! 


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Alyssa Gomez

Hey Jessica, thanks so much for including the screen recordings! That was really helpful. 

The "Visited" State in Storyline is a default state, meaning that it will change automatically without a trigger. 

On your large gray box, try using a custom state like "Done" instead of "Visited". That way, it will not automatically change to visited when the user clicks it.

Let me know if that helps--if you're still getting stuck, attach a sample file here. We'll get it sorted out!

Jessica Feltman


Thank you so much for responding! I will definitely change it and let you know if I'm still struggling. That makes a lot of sense! Is that a new feature from Storyline 1 and 2 for 360? I don't remember the states acting like that for visited... anyways pretty cool that I don't have to put in triggers for the visited state! 

Jessica Feltman

Hey Mike, 

I knew that part and I wasn't struggling with it... I'm struggling that the text box won't appear when all of the states on the rectangles change. 

The three states change, which changes the text box to make it appear, which should release the trigger to move to the next slide. I can get it to move to the next slide but I can't get the text box 5 to appear. :( 

Mike Enders

Hi Jessica,

I'm doing a little more investigating as I thought this sounded familiar. If you change the animation on your text box to "As One Object", it should start in the hidden state. I'm not sure if there's a bug, but it feels like it is. I'll submit to our QA team to review.

But for now, given that the text box is all coming in at the same time, you should be able to switch that animation setting and the text box will start off as it should in the hidden state.



Mike Enders

Okay, Good News Bad News.

Bad News: I can't figure out why it's not working other than to say "that text box is somehow corrupted." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Good News: If you recreate the text box, set it to hidden, and redo the trigger. It works. 

I'll report it to our team. I've also submitted the updated version of your file below.

I hope this gets you going on the correct track!


Mike Enders

My Pleasure! I'm glad that it's working. 

In the meantime, I added one more piece to your file just in case you want to give your learners a warning that they need to view all 3 areas before proceeding. Basically, it'll fire a warning layer if they click the next button and the text box is still hidden. It's attached below.

Good Luck getting your course launched!


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