States of objects are reverting in Storyling

Dec 06, 2018

Hi all! I'm sure this is just a quick fix, but Storyline is driving me mad. 

On my base layer, I have a series of buttons that the user is meant to click through in order to reveal a series of "closer look" layers. The buttons are gated using triggers so that the user cannot click button 2 until button 1 = visited, cannot click button 3 until button 2 = visited, etc. Once the user clicks on a button, it changes the state to visited, which in turn changes the color of that button. Once the user has clicked all buttons, they are all in the visited state/color. However, if the user wishes to revisit a layer, once they click on that button the button next to it in chronological order reverts to its un-visited state.  

How do I enable the user to revisit layers without reverting the state of any buttons? Thank you!!!

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Madeline Becker

HI Phil! Thank you for your response! Unfortunately I can't post the slide due to sharing restrictions. But your reply got me thinking, the answer might just be adding a variable. I think because the triggers were set up based on the states of buttons, when revisiting it changed the state of the selected button, which affected the triggers. I'll play with variables and hope that does the trick. Thank you!!

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