States, Triggers, and Layers Training- Initial ideas for a starter slide?

Mar 22, 2023

Hi friends.

I'm a new member of a team with members that have minimal Storyline experience. They have built a course or two, which are basically PPT slides that they click through. I have been asked to do a morning workshop with them to help them understand states, triggers, and layers. We will be live and in person for this.

I know we have all the how-to's in the user guides and Storyline tutorials and webinars. I am looking to create something with a finished product on Slide 1,  have them deconstruct it to see how it was built, then work to recreate it, learning the different aspects along the way. I would start them with the pre--created Slide 1, then work together to rebuild, teaching the steps along the way.

I anticipate there will be some remedial discoveries along the way, but that will help fill in the gaps.

My ask: I know there are many in this group who teach Storyline as well as talented developers. Does anyone have a suggestion for the opening slide? I was thinking perhaps about a simple house built of shapes that gets remodeled (layers), a facelift (states), and has a door that opens and closes (triggers) but not sure this is the best way to approach this.

I appreciate any ideas the community might share. 

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Eric Schaffer

WOW!, Do you have any projects half complete? Maybe start there and examine what was done. The steps used to get there. Then work as a group to complete it?

When we have newbie's, we give them a finished project to look at. Then give them the storyline file to review. Then review how it was made,

Good luck

Jean Marrapodi

Thanks Eric. The only one that I have mid-stream is the Escape Room that I started in Alexander Salas's course (which is a ton of fun!) and but would overwhelm them. 

I hadn't thought about digging though my stuff though. I have a bunch of need-to-be-deleted drafts of projects since I start with File->Save As every time I begin working. Maybe there's an early version of one of those that I might try. I shall go digging. Thanks for the idea.

Tom Kuhlmann

I was going to add the same thing Phil shared. The tab type interaction (click and reveal) is probably the most common and covers all of the basics.

  • I'd start with building a simple tabs to layer interactions.
  • Then add visited states
  • Then add some conditional trigger such as not being able to advance to the next slide until all of the layers have been visited.

That's a good basic overview of Storyline functionality.