Stop timeline on slide after lightbox completes

Jul 14, 2015


I have a slide that plays audio. The slide also has a trigger that opens a video in a lightbox.

If the user opens the video/lightbox while the audio on the main slide is playing, it pauses the audio on the timeline. After the user closes the lightbox, I would like the audio on the timeline to stop instead of picking up where it left off.

Seems simple? I cannot figure out how to do this with triggers or variables.

Any help is appreciated.

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Jennifer Shelden

I can't really tell...The issue is less about audio playing and more about the fact that when the lightbox is closed, the timeline resumes and immediately kicks the learner out to the next slide. 

The slide is set up so that items animate in, there's a marker to pause, and then the next button triggers not the next slide, but timeline to resume so that those items can animate back out again. At the end of the timeline, the user moves to the next slide. Normally, no problem, but because the timeline resumes once the lightbox is closed, it bypasses that marker. 

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