Stopping a series of images from appearing on a motion path

I am building a carousel in Storyline 360 and I'm having difficulty figuring out how to stop the motion path. I have added a group of 10 images (7 which are visible + 3 hidden) to a motion path that I can move left or right.  When I click the right arrow I can reveal the 8th, 9th and 10th images - however I cannot stop it.  If you continue to click the right arrow the images will eventually scroll off screen.

How do I stop the images from scrolling - or disable the right arrow button - after the last image appears on screen?  I have tried a few different storyline tutorials but I haven't noticed this option anywhere.

I have included my file if you wish to see what I have done...

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Philip Roy

Ok, slight issue with my the value of clicks would keep going up and up even if the carousel wasn't I have put logic in to stop the value going above 3 or below 0. Try the attached (oh and I deleted a group from the slide that wasn't visible...just as an FYI.