Stopping Animation on a revisit of a slide

Oct 03, 2016

I have a bulleted list that is animated - Floats in.   But when this slide is revisited I would like them to not float in.  Is this possible?

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Walt Hamilton

Almost anything is possible, if you are willing and able to commit sufficient time and effort to it.

Here is one suggestion that might work. Since animations are tied to objects, and not triggers, you will need two sets of objects. You will need to use a variable to show if the slide has been visited or not, and you need to set the slide to reset to initial state when revisited. If not, the timeline doesn't start from the beginning. One set of objects will have animation and will appear when the timeline starts if the variable shows that this is the first visit. The other set will not have animations and will appear when the timeline starts if the variable indicates the slide has been visited. You will need an action to change the variable, but be careful not to change it before it is evaluated, and has set the first set of objects in motion.

If you are in love with states, you can create a state and attach an animation to it, but you will still need a means of indicating that this slide has been visited. A variable is probably your simplest, most reliable method of doing that.

Good luck with your project. If you get it going, and hit an impasse, post it on the forum, and somebody may be able to give you suggestions.