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Jun 29, 2015


I was working on a project where we have many videos (around 12) embedded in the course. As a result the file was taking very long time to save and publish the output. Is there any way which will reduce the publishing and saving time? We can not compromise  on the video quality to reduce the file size. Has anybody experienced this?




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Techno10 Lorrain

Good day Prasad,

I too, have a couple of .story that are video intensive. To my suprise, SL2 is pretty good at compressing video for playback once published. When publishing under web or LMS, use the Quality Propreties, click the Custom optimization hyperlink and lower the video quality to your desire. I am putting the video quality as low as 3 and my video content still look good. The ratio is around 10:1! Yes! 10:1 and still look really good. I have a course with videos that is 1 gig in .story, once published it comes down to 104 megs and the video quality is really good.

The Storyline team did a great job.

Working with big video files can slow down your work while editing. If this is the case. My suggestion is to compress the actual video. If you can edit video in a NLE or other software, bring the Mbps around 20k/sec for a HD video and 7k/sec for a STD video while compressing.

The time it takes to publish depend on your computer power. If you precompress your video, the time to publish will be shorten.


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