Storyliine - Notes displaying in MP4 Videos?

Mar 09, 2022


In order to get the slides to not be blurry, I am using most of the slide space to post screenshots, since they need to be the same size in Storyline as they were in Snag-it, which leaves little room for any text. 

I was excited to see that the Notes feature would display the script, so I added the script in the Notes tab, turned on Notes within the Player (where it is clickable for the user) and saved as MP4. 

They showed up when I previewed the file...but not when i save it as an mp4.  Something is telling me that Notes dont display unless the file is SCORM?  Is that correct?  And if it is, can anyone suggest how to provide an option for a user to have a written script (that is read aloud in the video)? 

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Tom Kuhlmann

When you save your course as an MP4, you're making a regular video which doesn't have notes or any interactive features or a player for that matter. To expose notes, you have to produce a screen with text that shows when the video plays.

If you're making screen grabs from Snagit and only creating a video, I'd probably keep it in Snagit and output those screenshots as an MP4 or animated Gif.