StoryLine 2.0 and Studio 13 output

Jul 01, 2015

Hi all,

I am facing an issue with a published output of Storyline 2.0 (and Studio 13) . I must be doing something wrong because what I am trying to do should be pretty standard for both tools.

My Understanding

My understanding is that if we publish the HTML5 output (No SCORM, NO Tin Can) in Storyline 2.0, we should be able to see the flash version on Desktop, and HTML5 version on mobile devices (phone). In addition, on tablets, it should ask to download the Articulate Mobile player app. Now all of this should happen automatically.

My Experience

My experience has not been quite as expected. We created a file in Storyline 2.0 and uploaded the file on our Wordpress blog using the Storyline uploader for Wordpress. 

Links -

Now this output works really well on the Desktop. However, not much happens when I try to open this link from my iphone.

On the other hand, when I change the url to 

Links -

then the file works on my iPhone. The link also works on my laptop but the resolution is terrible. 

We are facing the same issue with Presenter 13 output so I am quite certain that we are doing something wrong.  Please help here. For your benefit, I have attached the publish settings that we are using. The whole reason we went to Storyline was to be able to use a single url and play the file on any device.


Payal Tandon


Storyline Publish Settings








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