Storyline 2 after Articulate 360, why can't I access it?

Feb 02, 2017


I've been using a version of Storyline 2 that I bought about 2 years ago. I took the trial for Articulate 360 but I don´t have the money to pay for it on a monthly basis. It told me I could save a copy of my project in Storyline 2, but now I can't open any of the courses, not even the ones I didn't open with Articulate 360. I'm desperate, the files are too big to share 4.5 g. and 1.7 g. 

How can I keep using Storyline 2?

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Tannia

Files created in SL360 cannot be opened to edit them in SL2 - as with all SL versions each later release is not backwards compatible with a previous version.

The SL2 files you opened in SL360 would have had a backup SL2 copy can use the backup copy to open in SL2 but it won't have any of the edits you've made in 360


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