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Sep 29, 2014

I have a Storyline 2 module built, the publish settings are set to 'Completed/Incomplete', yet when the module is completed it is giving me a result of 'passed'.

After going through this several times on a desktop browser and an iPad, I'm tearing my hair out trying to work out why it is pushing the wrong status. I had a quick look through the .js files built with the Storyline publish. I updated the SCORMFunctions.js as shown below.

On retesting the module, it is now showing as completed.

Why is this? Does Storyline 2 not push the correct status to the LMS? Is it a known bug?


Edit: This is with SCORM 1.2.

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chiefy .


I've just seen the replies.

I fixed the issue by changing the SCORMFunctions.js file, specifically this set of variables.

var SCORM_PASSED = "passed";
var SCORM_FAILED = "failed";
var SCORM_COMPLETED = "completed";
var SCORM_BROWSED = "browsed";
var SCORM_INCOMPLETE = "incomplete";
var SCORM_NOT_ATTEMPTED = "not attempted";
Shawn Stiles

An alternative that we have used with Storyline 1 (still validating Storyline 2) for courses that do not have assessments I applied a trigger on the last slide of content that the user sees that executes the following java script, when the page displays, which I found at 

var lmsAPI = parent;

lmsAPI.SetScore(100, 100, 0);


In the score line, the first number is the score to be passed, then passing score, failing score

SetStatus contains the value the LMS expects for a completion value.

I use a blank quiz completion page as the last page of the course in order to have the course send the information to the LMS.  

This way we do not get a zero (0) in the score field.


I would still prefer a better fix but this has been working for us.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Gary, 

If you choose a reporting status of Completed/Incomplete or Completed/Failed when you publish, you may find that your learning management system (LMS) shows a status of Passed rather than Completed.

This is a known issue. It'll be fixed in a forthcoming software update for Articulate Storyline. In the meantime, you can avoid this behavior by adjusting the SCORMFunctions.js file in your published output. Here's how:

  1. Go to the folder that contains your published output and open the lms folder.
  2. Open the SCORMFunctions.js file in a text editor, such as Notepad.
  3. Locate the following line of code:

    var SCORM_PASSED = "passed";

    And change it to:

    var SCORM_PASSED = "completed";
  4. Save and close the SCORMFunctions.js file.
  5. Zip the modified published output and upload it to your LMS for testing.

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