Storyline 2 Format Painter changes text color on object states

May 12, 2017

I was wondering why the Format Painter either doesn't apply text color from different states or actually changes the text color. I'm attaching a project for example.

Shape 1 has dark font in the Normal and Hover state, but white font in the Down and Selected state. 

Shape 2 has no states. Applying the Format Painter from Shape 1 to Shape 2 gives Shape 2 all the same states, but all with dark font.

Shape 3 has Hover, Down, and Selected states just like Shape 1, but different fill colors, shadow, and glow. The Format Painter from Shape 1 applies the fill colors, shadow, and glow, but all with dark font. 

Shape 4 has everything the same as Shape 1 including font color, but just different font type. The Format Painter applies the Font type, keeps the white font color for Down, but changes the font color on Selected to dark.  

Is this a bug?


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Brett Rockwood

The Format Painter can be really useful for simple formatting but as you've discovered it doesn't work very well with States on shapes and textboxes. If we were in beta testing I would flag it as a bug.

Format Painter will also make a mess of things if you apply it a text box that has any kind of manual overrides in it such as a word or two in bold or italic, or multiple paragraphs where one is bulleted and the other isn't. I haven't tested it thoroughly but it seems like it picks up whatever the override is and then applies it to the whole text box. So if you applied bold to a single word, and format painted that textbox onto another textbox, the later textbox will become all bold. Same with a bullet. If the textbox being format painted from contains a bullet anywhere bullets will be applied to every paragraph in the textbox being painted.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Jack,

Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us about this, I can certainly understand the frustration.

The issue you're describing regarding the format painter applying text formatting to states incorrectly is one that our team is aware of and investigating. I don't have any updates to provide at this time, but I've added this thread to the report. Since you're subscribed here, you'll receive notifications of updates as soon as we post them here. 🙂


Hi everyone!

Any news about this issue?

I have a recurring issue with format painter on textbox:
If a create a textbox, with 3 differents states, and that I try to copy the format to other textboxes, sometimes it works correctly (generally for the first one), and sometimes the states are copied except on 1 or 2 states which are re-sized.

Any tips for that?

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