Storyline 2 hanged after it started

Hi, I have some issue with my installation of Articulate Storyline 2.  My environment is as follows:

1) OSX El Captain (10.11.4) + Parallels Desktop 11.1.3 for Mac

2) Windows 10

I have successfully installed Storyline 2 on my notebook (env described above).  When I start Storyline 2, it just hang there. (have tried uninstalling and installing several time

Anyone has the same problem?  Any resolution?

Your help appreciated.


Heng Tan

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Crystal Horn

Hi Heng.  I'm sorry that Storyline 2 isn't opening for you.  Were you ever able to open it successfully?  I also wanted to check to see if you had run the installation file (storyline-2.exe) as administrator, which I always recommend doing.

It sounds like you may have run through the steps to repair Storyline 2 , but I'm including them here just in case.  Our technical support team can take a look if these options aren't helping.  Just submit a case here.