Storyline 2 HTML5 content and Firefox, Safari (Window)

Jan 05, 2015

My course has a MP4 video. When I published, I selected "Include HTML5 output" and here's the problem: the published course worked great in IE and Chrome, but when I opened it in Firefox using the "story.html" page, that page automatically re-directed to the "story_html5.html", where the MP4 video froze (because FF doesn't support this video format).

With Safari, the page with the video file simply didn't open at all.

In the published folder, there's a file "story.swf." I guess this file would be called if the course detected that a particular doesn't support HTML5. So I'd expect that when I opened the course in FF or Safari and if those 2 browsers don't fully support HTML5, the Flash version should be opened instead, but obviously this didn't happen.

My client is a difficult one and they won't accept the course could only be viewed with IE or Chrome.

Any ideas how to get this work?

Much appreciated :)




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Nhu,

The HTML5 version would only be shown if the browser or device you were accessing it from couldn't use Flash as detailed here.  I also haven't run into an issue playing MP4 videos from Storyline in a Firefox browser, and as you can see here how videos are encoded when published - MP4 is a common output. It's also worth noting that Firefox is not a supported browser for HTML5, as detailed here. Have you checked to ensure that Flash was enabled in Firefox? You can use a site such as to see what version of Flash is installed. 

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