Storyline 2 - Is it possible to create a hotspot quizzing slide with more than 2 scores?

I am trying to create a game wherein a right and wrong hotspot can be clicked, adding or subtracting to/from the overall score. However, I'd also like a third option that subtracts slightly less than the incorrect answer when clicked. So basically, a right hotspot/score, a wrong hotspot/score and a third hotspot/score. I know this can be achieved by using custom variables, but the issue with this method is that it cannot be recognised by the results slide, which isn't an option for me as I need the project Scorm compliant. 

Any tips on how I can get around this?


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ant beare

Hi Alyssa, Thanks very much for your response. I'm just having a look through the process now, but I am having an issue because the variable that I wish to upload to my LMS is a POINTS variable. The process states it should submit a Short Answer Survey slide after inputting a variable into a TextEntry field. However, it's not allowing me to add my POINTS variable into the text entry field. Does that make sense? If so, do you have any suggestions as to how to get around this issue? Thanks