storyline 2 - published in HTML5 - flash end of life issues

Apr 28, 2021


I've published my files in HTML5, however many of the activities that previously worked no longer do so, even though they're published in HTML5. 

One example is a slider bar activity, it no longer slides, when published to my moodle LMS, however it does perform ok when published direct to the web in HTML5  ( using a Chrome browser ) is this a known problem ? Is there a workaround when publishing in HTML5 ?

The other issue I've noticed is that I can no longer preview my slides in storyline 2 itself. Is this a function of flash ending ? Or is there a workaround ?

Is my storyline 2 software now redundant or am I able to edit old published SL2 files in SL2 software ?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Altan,

Content published to HTML5 using Storyline 2 should work as expected. Please note that in a Windows environment, Google Chrome (latest version) is the only supported browser. You mentioned that it's not working in Moodle, but that it does work as expected when published to the web.

Have you uploaded the content to another LMS environment, such as SCORM Cloud, to compare?

Previewing in Storyline 2 is dependent on Flash, so this is why the functionality no longer works.

We have had to end support for Storyline 2 due to this and you can read additional details here:

How the End of Flash Affects Articulate Apps and Courses

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Altan,

Are you using the same published output? I suggested SCORM Cloud since you mentioned the content was not working in your Moodle LMS. You should have two zipped output files for the current testing you mentioned. Zipped published output from a web publish (for use on Amazon server) and zipped published output from an LMS publish (for use on Moodle or SCORM Cloud). 

If you have published your content to web format and it's working on a web server, but not an LMS, please re-publish your content for LMS and test again.