Storyline 2, Show Layer when user clicks next button, not working

Apr 09, 2015


I upgraded to Storyline 2 this week! Yipee! I've built a new course and I'm QA testing it right now.  Something strange has happened.  Each of my slides have a True/False variable that I use to prevent the user from progressing to the next slide until the time line is complete.  I use the same variable "SlideComplete" in a player trigger: (Show layer "Incomplete" when the user clicks the next button if "SlideComplete" is "equal to" "False").  "SlideComplete" gets set to "True" when the timeline ends.  This was working perfectly until I discovered the new Player feature/setting that makes the player seek bar read-only.  (An awesome new option that I was looking forward to!)  After I selected "Seekbar is read-only" option, the Trigger I described above no longer works.  I've since reset the seekbar option to the default "Allow user to drag seekbar" and the issue persists.  I can not make the trigger work.  I've closed and re-open the project, hoping that would do it.  No change.  Your help is much appreciated.  Thanks!

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Thomas Hall

Hi Christie, I decided that I'd create a new presentation, import a single slide and save it so I could share it with you.  Before I hit save, I previewed the slide, & it worked as expected.  The player trigger is working now.  I went into the player settings and reset the read-only seekbar function and previewed the slide again.  The trigger still works when previewd.  So I imported the entire project into a new course and everything is working as expected!  I've sent a sample of the broken course to Articulate support, so maybe they can figure out what went wrong.  It seems like the broken version may be corrupted. 

Thomas Hall

Support found the problem.  It wasn't the seekbar read-only setting, it was the selection of  "restricted menu" in the menu options of the player.  It turns out that the restricted menu selection works differently in Storyline 2 than it did in 1.  The "restricted menu" option now has an effect on any triggers related to the next button on the player.  I've been asked to change the menu restriction to either "free" or "locked", but neither of these options work for me.  A free menu allows the learner to skip slides (a no-no in my industry), and a locked menu prevents them from reviewing (they need to review during the quiz).  What I need is a way to let the learner know why the next button does not work when I've selected "restricted menu" in the player options.

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