Storyline 2 to Storyline 360 conversion issues

Jan 10, 2017

Hi Everyone,

I can't seem to copy a slide from my Storyline 2 file and paste it into my Storyline 360 file. I was able to do this previously with Storlyine to Storyline 2.

Also, has anyone had a problem when converting a Storyline 2 file to Storyline 360 where the slide is there but none of the content is appearing on the slidein the design view? I can see it in the timeline and when I preview the slide. I'm trying to update an existing elearning module and don't want to have to re-do the entire slide.

Thanks for your help!


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Alyssa Gomez

Hello Jan!

Copying and pasting slides within the same file works well, but we don't recommend copying and pasting slides from one project to another since that can lead to file corruption. Instead I would recommend using the import method described here, as that will keep all of your slide objects, images, triggers, and slide properties intact.

To address your question about missing content in a Storyline 2 project that was upgraded to Storyline 360, can you confirm that you're working from your local hard drive? Are you able to upgrade the Storyline 2 project again to see if you're seeing similar behavior in a new file?

You're always welcome to share your Storyline 2 project here, and I can test the upgrade on my end. You can use the Add Attachment button at the bottom of the reply window.

Jan Patterson

Hi Alyssa,

Thank you for your response. I assumed you could copy and paste from a previous version of Storyline into the newer version. I did also try to import from the previous version and had the same issues.

I can see the full slide in the left hand navigation menu and can see the text boxes, .png files, etc in the timeline but cannot see them on the slide itself. I tried converting a different file with the same layout - text and the same .png files - and had the same result.

Can I upload this to you outside of this conversation thread? I seem to be receiving an error message when I try to post the reply.


Alyssa Gomez

Hi Jan,

I upgraded the Storyline 2 file to Storyline 360, and just like you said, I saw some odd things happening on slide 1.4. The slide thumbnail is completely blank, and the 'Agenda' list the character is pointing to is only visible when I preview the slide, but not in Edit mode. I am going to share this with our Support Engineers, and they'll be able to investigate further. You should hear from someone on the team shortly!

Sindy Chettiath

Quick question...

There seems to be a process to upgrade a Storyline 2 project to Articulate 360.  Once it is upgraded, can someone with storyline 2 still maintain the upgraded files?  In other words, is it backward compatible? 

At our company, training is being decentralized, so now there are pockets of training groups throughout the organization.  Everyone seems to be on different versions of the software which is concerning seeing that we often support one another often sharing files. 

Thanks for the post! 


Ronaziel Lopez

Hi Sindy,

Once you open your Storyline 2 project to Storyline 360, a backup of SL2 will be created and the file will be converted to SL360 but it will not be backward compatible.

Meaning, you cannot open files from SL360 to SL2. You can check this link to know more about backward compatibility.

Hope this will help.

Linda Miller

I'm having a somewhat similar issue to Jan's-- I converted an SL2 file to 360, and cannot edit even one screen. I see the content in the thumbnail, but not on the edit screen. When I click into the edit screen, I can add items, and the thumbnail loses the existing content and shows what I added.

I made sure the file was editable when I extracted from zipped. See attached screen.




Alyssa Gomez

Oh no, Katina! Really sorry to hear you're hitting this roadblock. You came to the right place for help. 😊

Was the content originally created in Storyline 1 or Storyline 2? Do you have the backup file handy? 

If so, I'd like to test upgrading it to Storyline 360 on my end. If you don't mind sharing it, please attach your file here, and I'll have a look. Thanks!

Mitchell Sand

Storyline 360 appears to be loaded with Bugs. In addition to the issues described here, I have encountered too many bugs to even list here. The most recent issue: I took a project previously created in Storyline 2 and upgraded it to Storyline 360 to make edits.  Now, all of the triggers that were initially created in the Storyline 2 project are duplicated in the 360 project, and the order of the triggers is shuffled as well, causing the project navigation to not work correctly and, in turn, causing project completion to not be reported correctly in our LMS. These issues seem like something that should have and would have been tested before selling the product to the masses, 

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Mitchell,

Sorry to hear that you're running into issues upgrading your project. Do you experience a similar result with other projects as well or just the one so far?

I went back through the items shared here and we had one file shared with our team that was resolved with Update 3 back in Jan 2017.

So, if you're having difficulty now, we would certainly want to take a look. 

If you have your .story file from SL2, please share that with our team here for us to upgrade to SL360 so that we can help you out.

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