Storyline 2 uses all our network bandwidth at our company

Mar 11, 2016

Has anyone had this issue? We have some video in courses as well as audio but that shouldn't freeze the whole network. I had our IT do some tests and he said that it was trying to download the whole course at one time. I ran other courses that we developed in Storyline 1 and Articulate Presenter and they seem fine with little or no bandwidth consumption. It is the courses that we developed in Storyline 2 that are causing the problem. We developed 16 courses and they all are doing it. We are using Moodle for our LMS SCROM 1.2 for the courses. IE crashes freezes or crashes because it is using so much bandwidth. All help would be appreciated.

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chad nixon

We compress the videos that are imported into Storyline from handbrake, so they are under 1 MB. So we have about 30 slides but in those slides only about 15 or 20 have videos. We have audio in all  the slides which are compressed before we bring them into Storyline. So compressed with all the courses zipped is around 130 MB.

Mike B.

Here's a link describing how Storyline downloads content while viewing a course:

It sounds like it may well try to download the entire course. What's your company's download bandwidth? How many users are viewing the courses simultaneously?

If your content is not private, could you upload one of the courses here? Otherwise, I would recommend opening a support ticket where you can upload your course to support privately.

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