Storyline 2: Zooming window when Crop is active temporarily resizes text boxes on slide

I've noticed some odd behavior with text boxes when changing the slide view, but I just captured a dramatic example.  I think it's just a temporary view issue, but I wanted to make sure Articulate was aware of it.

When editing a slide with a text box and an image:

  • Image has Crop active, and 
  • View is changed to zoom in (say from 100% to 200%), then 
  • The text box suddenly changes (often past the dimensions of the slide)
  • The object being cropped doesn't resize along with the rest of the slide

I've attached a combined screenshot of how this appear before selecting Crop and when the window was resized from when I recreated this in a blank template.  The good news is, despite the mild panic attack that threatened when this happened in an actual project, it appears to be only a view issue.  It doesn't appear to impact the actual dimensions or positioning of the text box once Crop is no longer active.

I wanted to make sure Articulate folks were aware of this, and confirm it isn't a symptom of anything that should concern me on my projects. It's adding extra time to rework images outside of Storyline since they aren't enlarging big enough to fine tune crop.

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