Storyline 3 Import questions from Excel sample

Mar 02, 2018

I am trying to import Quiz questions from Excel using the template provided, the template has just one sample, could you provide a sample for all the questions types.

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Jeffrey Riley

I see this thread is a few months old but newer than others. I am importing an excel spreadsheet into Storyline 3. The issue I am having is the font size is very large once the import is done. Is there any way to set a default size for the quiz questions? 

I am using a very large quiz with complex questions and answers. I am attaching a portion of the excel spreadsheet.

Crystal Horn

Yowzers, Jeffrey, that's a lot of big text when kept at the default 18.5 font size!  No worries - I think I can help.  ☺️

First, I opened the project where I wanted to import the questions (versus doing the import from the startup screen).  I went to my Slide Master view, and chose the Question layout.  I changed the default font size of the question title field from 18.5 to 12.  When I imported the questions after making this change, I got this:

Give that a shot, and let me know if decreasing the question title font works better!

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