Storyline 3 -- Internl Variable for Slide Count?

Jun 21, 2017

Hey all,

Is there a quick variable i can throw on a master slide to track slide #'s automatically within a course? I don't care if the variable even includes the 1.23 information so long as it provides an identifier for the slide they are on.

Thanks in advance,


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Jerry Lake
Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Justin,

It may be something you could set up a Javascript trigger to accomplish, but the system variables such as slide number are not something that is accessible in Storyline. 

I'm rather frustrated that we can't get a list of system variables. There was a great solution for Storyline 2, but moving to 3, the previous solution has changed. Seems like you would want to enable users of your products, but instead you are discouraging programmatic solutions in favor of manual content entry. 

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