Storyline 3 MP4 conversion on publish

Oct 09, 2018


The table on this link/specs sheet shows that videos are "RE-Encoded" on publish even if they are already in an MP4 format? (Or am I reading the chart wrong?)  If they are RE-Encoded what are the encode settings?

Video: what codec is used? (H.264?) 

Is it CBR or VBR?  I've found the basic metadata in the details of the file but I'd like a little more info on file specifics, especially the codec.  I know there are some open source tools like MedInfo that will do that but in my environment that kind of tool is not allowed nor do I use Open source programs because of the inherent risk.  
Anyway, we are experiencing video play back issues with SL3 in our LMS that we are not having with the "other" Enterprise program because the do not re-encode media. 

It's almost impossible to fix the issue with out the re-encoded video file's metadata.   Last question: Why does the file have to be re-encoded?  If I run the same video files straight in a simple html file, they work fine. It's the re-encoded/published SL3 files that are not working.  

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paul,

When you publish a course, your videos will be encoded so they're no larger than your slide size with a key frame every 5 seconds—unless you turn off video compression

If you'd like to turn off video compression in Storyline 3, check out this documentation.

If you're still having difficulty or need us to dig into the tech specs you mentioned above or even take a look at your .story file, you can work privately with a support engineer here.

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