Storyline 3 Review add-on

Nov 20, 2020

Good day, my company only allows me to use Storyline 3 and after some research I can´t find a better way of using a review option than the print screen word file / tempshare for the online version. Most discussions about this are more than 3 years ago, so I wondered if a new way of reviewing has made available for Storyline 3? Or an add-on / extra tool?

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Ren Gomez

Hi Akke,

Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately, there's not an add-on or extra tool for reviewing a course in Storyline 3. Publishing to Word sounds like the best option as it allows you to pull static images of the slides along with their layers. Check out the steps in the user guide below:

We have a Review 360 application that is part of our Articulate 360 suite and worth trying out if you haven't done a trial! It allows you to gather feedback from stakeholders in one easy and convenient application!

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