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May 03, 2019

I must admit I feel frustrated with storyline 3, as I have ran into several problems while working in this platform.  Today I am currently interested in solving two problems (see the attached document for reference).  In the attached document, my first slide (1.10 is a navigation slide.  I removed the visited state from the buttons because I do not want it to turn visited on click. I want it to turn visited when a variable turns true at the end of each section. To create the interaction I made a new state named “Checked” for each button, and when the slide revisited and a certain variable is true it will turn too checked.  This was a success and worked as expected.  Unfortunately, every time I open the course or leave that slide for an extended period it removes the “Checked” state and adds a “Selected” state.  I have deleted all of the selected states and re-added the “checked” state but it keeps taking it away. To test this add a checked state to buttons on the first slide, save the course, and then close it. When you reopen it, the checked state should be gone and you should have a new selected state. 

The problem with the second slide (1.2) is also very frustrating.  All of the click here sections are set up exactly the same and have the same triggers. What is supposed to happen is when the user hovers over the hotspot the click here highlights. Then the user clicks on the click here and goes through the layers. When the user reaches the last layer of a section, the click here turns purple.  The first two click here’s work as expected, but the last one will flash quickly to visited and then back to normal.  I would like it to work exactly like the other two.  I can probably think of a work around, but right now, I feel like it should just work. I want to know why it is not working. 

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Andrew,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing the difficulties you're running into with Storyline 3.

I've seen another user mention an issue with using the word 'Checked' and Storyline sees this as equal to Selected. You can correct this by using a custom name for this state and the value will hold as expected.

We do have this logged as a software bug and I will add this conversation to the report as we track user impact and so that we can update you here when we can.

As for your second issue with the visited state on the base layer, I am seeing the same behavior. Interesting that I could avoid the behavior if I added an additional layer as you did for the first two examples. I'm filing this issue as a possible bug as well and attaching my demo project file. You can see in Slide 1.2 that it is working as expected with the addition of another layer.

Again, I'll attach this conversation to the report so that we can share any updates with you here.

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