Storyline 3, Text Entry Boxes, JAWS 18 and Windows 10

Hi, does anyone know how to make JAWS read what it written in a text entry box after the text is typed?  In the example attached, when I type "5", JAWS will read 5 and then jump to the next line.  If I return to the text entry field to "check" my answer, JAWS reads "input edit type and text" even though "5" is already listed.


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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Erin.  In Chrome, JAWS is reading that it is a text-entry field, and it should also include "Contains text" if there is text that has been entered.  It will not read what is currently in the field because tabbing to that field causes the cursor to appear for text entry.  The text entry field is in "edit" mode, so JAWS will only read text as you enter it or delete it.

Could you include another text box on the slide that references the answers with a variable reference?  You can include instruction to tab back to the text entry field if they'd like to change their answer.

Crystal Horn

Hi Erin.  You should see the same behavior in Internet Explorer.  I'm sorry I specified Chrome!  In the HTML5 output in IE 11, it will read the instructions and each letter as you enter it. 

In Flash output, JAWS actually wasn't reading the text entry object at all.  In another post, you mentioned that you're using Flash only publishing.  While we can document this issue in the Flash output, it likely will not receive high priority with the pending end of support for Flash Player.

Here's a link where you can try my output.  To toggle between Flash and HTML5 output, just change the end of the URL from story_html5.html to story_flash.html, and vice versa!