Storyline 3 (Text in tables - unable to insert hyperlinks)

Jun 19, 2017

As stated in the title, I create a table, type text into the cells and afterwards I highlight the text in one single cell with the intent to add a hyperlink, the hyperlink icon is greyed out - is this not an option?

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Ali Goulet

Hey Steve,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes! So glad you're giving the new tables feature¬†in Storyline 3 a whirl ūüôā

You're right-- Hyperlinks can be added directly to the table as a whole, not individual cells or selected text which is why you're seeing it greyed out.

You can simulate hyperlinks for cells and text by adding hotspots where you need them and using the hotspots to trigger hyperlinks.

Hope that helps! 

Steve Franks

Not exactly the reply I was hoping for, but I will make it work with hotspots.  I didn't expect the table functionality to rival what is in MS Word, but being able to hyperlink text is super-basic functionality.

Is this something that might get addressed in a future update?

Thanks for the reply!

Doug McCormick

Following Steve's comments, I really appreciated the introduction of tables, rather than trying to join up a lot of boxes to make a table.  HOWEVER..... a great improvement would be to allow the individual cells to have trigger capability and also state configuration.  For example, hover over one cell causing all cells in the row to change state, e.g. high-lighted.  Just a thought!

Ali Goulet

That's fantastic feedback, Doug!

I'd love to let our team know about this idea- and I'm curious to know more. Would you mind telling me a little more about why that particular function would come in handy for you? What type of scenario would you use it in? 

Thanks so much for letting us know how we can make things better! ‚ú®

Doug McCormick

Hi Ali  Appreciate your quick response.  I have attached a sample of what I currently do using shapes lined up as a "table".  My projects are not truly elearning projects requiring responses etc, but are more about product demonstration.  

Creating this example as a table would enhance the flexibility of tables

Hope it all makes sense.


Ali Goulet

Hey Doug!

Wow, thanks so much for that example and explanation. I can see why that would be a handy addition for you!

I've submitted this request to our team on your behalf. If you're curious, here's a little more information on our feature request process.

Keep those ideas coming- super appreciated! ūüėĄ

Katie Riggio

Appreciate your vote, Amy!

I'll let our team know you'd also like to see this capability in a future update of Storyline, and keep this discussion posted on any developments! 

For now, one approach could be to style the text to look like a hyperlink and then add a transparent shape over that text with a 'Jump to URL/file' trigger.  

Bob Wiker

It appears there's no update yet (Sept. 2019) that provides the ability to create hypertext links within table cells. A somewhat glaring omission.

I love having tables instead of a bunch of rectangles loosely strung together but....just enabling hypertext links within cell text would go a long way. [feature request already submitted]

Devin O'Toole

2020 here, wondering where hyperlinks are in tables.... crickets.  This has been requested for 3 years now and no hyperlinks. I do a lot of work with tables that can contain as many as 20 hyperlinks. Trying to copy/paste and adjust triggers for 20 hotspots in a table is really annoying. I have to change font colors and everything so people know you can click them. This application performs like PowerPoint, PowerPoint has tables and hyperlinks. Please, please, please, for the love of all things holy, figure out hyperlinks in table cells.

They never import from my PPTs (see example, blurred out for confidentiality, but you can see the blue where hyperlinks are) and I have to do this all the time, hotspot, hotspot, hotspot, hotspot, copy, copy, edit trigger. 

It's frustrating to me that this has not been sorted out.

Matt McGuire

Same. Would definitely want to see this feature sooner rather than later. Not sure why it hasn't been added yet. Seems like a simple thing to do that's requiring a lot of us to either give up or create additional work by creating work arounds when it should be a simple thing.  Mark me as up-voting this suggestion.

Patrick Maurer

Was surprised to see that this was even something I had to look into HOW TO DO as this just a given in every other program I work with. Very disappointed that this basic feature doesn't exist 4 years after initial suggestion. I'm at a loss of what I'm going to do as I was hoping to use a table inside a scrolling box as a major resource page to link back to specific pages in a course and external sites. I can do this in word, adobe, powerpoint--but apparently not Storyline?