Storyline 3 Tin Can API not sending Progress to LMS due to Course ID?

Apr 10, 2019

We are having a problem where our Storyline 3 courses are not recording progress to our LMS. We export as TinCanAPI and use the LRS Learning Locker. Here is a detailed explanation from our IT department:

The course manifest stores the activity id's with the course id included and for whatever reason the course isn't sending that same string back, it's removing the course id from the statements being sent the expected and proper way:
http://[course id string]/[activity id string]

the sent value to the lrs for the problem course:
http:///[activity id string]

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bethany,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are running into with your course.

You mention that the course is not recording progress and I'd like to understand the issue that you are seeing.

  • Are results not being communicated to the LMS or are you having an issue with the resume behavior?
  • Are you using the story.html file for your launch URL or story_html5.html?
  • Are you able to replicate this behavior in SCORM Cloud or is this limited to your LMS?

LMS debug mode is also a tool that helps troubleshoot communication issues between your LMS and your Articulate content.

Bethany Weimer

Hey Leslie,

Thank you for getting back with us. Here is a detailed explanation from our IT team:

  • Results are being communicated, however the statements being sent are using malformed versions of the activity id's that exclude the course ID, so the standard format is off, making them [http://[activity]http:///[activity id] instead of the expected [http://[course]http://[course id]/[activity id]
  • We are using story.html as it directs to story_html5.html if flash is unavailable.
  • We are going to test it on SCORM cloud. But they have also been testing on LearningLocker.
  • Does debug mode work on html5 courses?

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