Storyline 3 upgrade issues


We have recently upgraded from Storyline2 to Storyline3 and have encountered some issues when opening version2 files in version3.

The issue we are having is as follows:

We have created a menu whereby each section of the course when visited is marked as complete when returning to the menu. For example if there are 3 sections to the course then there is a buttonon the menu for Section1, Section2 and Section3. When a user returns after completing a section the state of the button will change to completed with a tick showing.

The trigger used on the end slide of each section is: set var_section1 equal to True when the timeline starts.

The trigger on the menu slide is: Change state of section1_btn to Completed when the timeline starts if var_section1 is equal to True.

The above triggers worked in Storyline 2 but now the same file has been opened in Storyline 3 it does not work. Any suggestions how to get this to work will be gratefully received.

Thank you.

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