Storyline 3 will not preview

Jun 27, 2018

Any ideas? We have 2 machines, 2 licences. Software has recently refused to preview on both, even with known good, old work.

We just get the spinning dotted grey circle.

Can't work

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

I also work in a Virtual environment (Parallels on a Mac) and I haven't run into any trouble previewing. Do you know what update of Storyline you're using? You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline". The latest is update 4, available here. 

Some other tips to keep in mind while working in Storyline, are the directions here to work locally and follow the file path/name conventions outlined. Working off a shared/network drive is known to cause some odd behavior, and could be connected to the issues you're having with preview. 

I'd also like to know if this is happening with all your .story files, or only one in particular? If it's all the files, you may also want to look at going through the repair steps here. 

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Joshua.  Can you share your file here so we can figure out what's causing this behavior?  You can use the Add Attachment field in your discussion reply. 

Since Preview renders in HTML5, and you can only view the Flash output, it sounds like something is happening with the HTML5 output of your course.  Can you preview any slides individually?  What is on the first slide of your project?

Happy to work through this issue with you!

Joshua Stubbs

Hi Crystal, I cannot share the files due to rules where I am working, but I can tell you it's not specific for any file. I've created multiple test files, including one that simply has the word "the" and nothing else, and it still won't preview.I cannot preview individual slides. Further, when I published to Articulate Review, it wouldn't load there either. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Sarah,

Glad to hear things are working again! 


Are you on the latest version of Articulate 360? We had some recent fixes for issues folks were having previewing or publishing content that had arrows on the slide. You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline". You'll want to be on build 3.17.16188.0, and you'll see all the fixes listed here. 

If you are on the latest update and you're still having trouble previewing or publishing any files, I'd like to get you working one on one with our Support Engineers so that we can figure out what's going on! 

Kimberly Read

Articulate Storyline 3 published in HTML5 does not preview - not for any published HTML5 course at all. I can only preview if I've published in Flash. I have uninstalled/reinstalled the software. I have tried rebuilding entire courses to get it to work - it doesn't work. I am not able to share the file, such as required to open a case, because of the business rules of my organization. I am working on my hard drive/C drive.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Kimberly,

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that you're running into a similar issue when previewing your courses in Storyline 3. 

I was able to locate a couple of support cases from the users above, but I have no solution to share as we did not hear back to complete troubleshooting with them.

With your permission, I'd like you to share your project file with our support engineers to investigate what's happening. You can share it privately by uploading it here. It will be deleted when troubleshooting is complete. An NDA can also be signed if needed. Even if you cannot share a file, one of our support engineers may be able to dig into logs to track down what is happening, so it's worth reaching out.

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