Storyline 360: Audio not coming over via PowerPoint import

Jan 08, 2020

Client sent me Storyline 360 file with imported PPT, but last 12 slides have no narration.  Attached is the PPT.  I tried importing it into my Storyline but same problem.  Any ideas?  Thanks!

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Tom Kuhlmann

Not sure why the audio isn't working on those slides, but here's an easy way to get the audio into the Storyline file.

Here's a tutorial that shows how.

  • From Articulate 360, install Studio 360. That puts an Articulate tab in your PowerPoint.
  • Open the PowerPoint file, in the Articulate tab, select audio editor.
  • Export the audio files.
  • The files are all titled by slide number and title which makes it a nice archive.
  • In Storyline, go to the media library and do a batch import of the audio files.
  • Insert the audio into the desired slides.
Tom Kuhlmann

Without seeing what you have and what you're doing, I can't give a definitive answer. 

Contact and they can look into what's happening at your end.

If all you want is the audio file from PowerPoint, another option is to unzip the pptx file (assuming it's a .pptx). I use 7Zip (free). You can select the PPTX file and unzip it. That creates a folder with all of your assets. Inside that folder is a media folder. Inside there you will find all audio files in the PPT file.

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