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Jul 24, 2019


I attached stripped down version of an activity I've been working on.  It resembles a Jeopardy Game.  Basically, you go through four multiple choice questions and receive points for each one.  I don't want a "passing score" or anything, but I'd like to give the opportunity for the user to retake the activity.  Tha's where I'm running into problems.  

When any button on the first slide is clicked, I make it "Disabled" so it can't be clicked again.  But then to make the activity accessible again, I thought I would add a trigger to return each button on the first slide to "Normal" after the user clicks "Retry Quiz."  I wonder if this creates some kind of loop that is causing problems.  

I created a T/F variable and had it change from False to True when the user clicks "Retry Quiz." Then, I had that trigger one of the boxes on the first slide to return to "Normal" state.  I thought I could do that with all 4 boxes on the first slide.  But it doesn't seem to be working with the first box I tried.  I've tried triggering the return to "Normal" state in lot of different ways, but I can't get any of the boxes to return to "Normal" so they can be clicked again.  I may be setting up my variable triggers incorrectly or the answer may be very obvious and I just don't see it.  

And feedback would be appreciated.  



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Amit Goel

Hi Jerry, 

Thank you for the response. 

Yes, I tried both of those, but I think because my first slide is not part of the multiple choice template, it cannot just "reset" or "restart" it.  I believe it has to be a specific trigger that allows those 4 buttons on the first slide to be clickable again.  

I thought my triggers would work, but they don't.  

Thank you


Jerry Beaucaire
  1. Add triggers on slide 1 to set the state of your 4 boxes back Normal when the timeline starts if your Variable1 is TRUE   

    (I'd rename that variable to ResettingThings or something more obvious, a year from now you'll be glad)

  2. On slide 1 add 4 triggers to reset each of of those boxes back to Normal on the condition that Variable1 is True.

  3. Then below those new triggers, add a trigger to set Variable1 back to False (after the 4 triggers have done their thing you want it off again.)


These are the kinds of things you'll need to do.   You should use the RESET RESULTS trigger, following by a JUMP TO SLIDE 1 trigger, both on the RETRY button.

Amit Goel

Hello again Jerry, 

I tried putting several triggers together that seemed to say the same thing and it finally worked!  Thank you very much for your help.  

I'm still trying to see how practical this is, though, because "after the 4 triggers have done their thing you want it off again."  And that sort of starts layering the issues.  I want the user to return to the same base slide several times on the second time throughthe quiz, but that keeps resetting the completed questions back to "Normal" because of the initial trigger just keeps building on itself.  I would need two triggers to undo each one that I create just to make the initial slide keep working.  

Not sure what I'm going to do.  Maybe I'll work in some javascript or something.  

Thank you again for helping me with this!  



Jerry Beaucaire

Yep, I've run into instances in the past where the surgical control I needed for so many elements meant creating multiple triggers and controls for each object and even slide.

It's daunting sometimes.   Over time you may find that knowing how much plumbing is required to implement some ideas "may" change your design choices.

I'm curious why a simple RESTART COURSE option doesn't work without all the additional plumbing.  That should be the same as reopening the course from the beginning.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amit, 

I took a look at your course too, and I'm not entirely clear on what you're hoping for.

I also gave the "Restart Course" trigger a try, and that allowed everything on the first slide and the subsequent question slides to reset back to their original state as I'd expect. Perhaps you ran into trouble with that one based on trigger order? The Restart course trigger would need to come before your "jump to slide" trigger. 

Let us know if you need anything else! 

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