Storyline 360 - Closed Captioning does not show in Lightbox

Dec 16, 2020

Good Morning!

I do have the latest updates and I did read this post from two years ago ( which indicates the problem is fixed. Unfortunately, the closed captioning (though just created and saved) is not showing up in the lightbox.

Is there a hack I could use to show the closed captioning in the lightbox e.g. a trigger?


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Stefanie Lawless

Hi Lisa!

There are probably a few ways to do it, but my first thought is that you can control your Display Captions by adjusting the variable to true when the timeline starts on that lightbox slide. I even added a condition that will only perform that trigger if the slide is being lightboxed.

Here's a screenshot of that trigger that you would put on your lightbox slide: 

Just know that this now turns on your captions for the entire project. So if you want that to turn off, you could also set an additional trigger that maybe sets it back to FALSE when the timeline ends on the slide. Or the learner of course could control it themselves by deselecting the CC button on the Player.

Just a thought, although maybe other community members have a better solution. Hope it helps!