Storyline 360 Fade animations are unreliable

Aug 05, 2021

I am creating a series of safety eLearnings and this is starting to happeni in all of the projects. I did not have this issue when first creating the files, but now when previewing, using Review 360, or publishing to LMS, the Fade animation is wonky. It partially appears or stops before the last bullets show. All animation is Fade or Fade by paragraph and timed to the narration. 

I mostly work from OneDrive as that is company policy and not easy to work from the C: drive.

  • But I have also published from the C drive and had the same issues. 
  • I have replaced all animations and re timed them to the narration. Tends to work once and then goes back to being wonky.
  • Cleared browser caches. I am using Google. 
  • Published from another computer with Storyline. All current versions. There was a recent update and the problem seems to have gotten worse.

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Carol Marion

I am still having this issue, I uninstalled and then installed the June 1 update version. Good for a while. But then animations started misbehaving again. They are mistimed or just don't show up. 

It seems to happen after a good number of re-publishing to Review or Scorm. My clients are very detail-oriented and we have a lot of edit and proofing cycles. I simply cannot have this happen over and over again. Frustrates me, my client, the production schedule and my boss.