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James Washok

My version of Storyline is always up to date, including this one. I've been working with SL for quite some time now, so all of the steps you mentioned were followed prior to submitting my comment. No matter what I do, no matter what process or steps or actions I am doing within Storyline, for some reason, it just crashes out of the blue. Sometimes, as I mentioned, only once or twice a day; other days, it will crash every 15 minutes. Even with no other application open whatsoever - as I was thinking for some reason it sucking up resources - it will just crash. And, as I said, sometimes I get the actual "crash report" error pop-up, other times, just the big red Xs through the board, other times, all the artwork or some elements start disappearing off the screen and in previews.

I'm just dealing with it, as it seems many others are. I now save EVERY single slide change because I don't know when it's going to crash on me again.

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Hi all!

TRY THIS, worked for me...

I just had this same problem when trying to publish. Turned out to be a rogue empty text box on a slide.

I imported my file to a new file to try again. I went through process of elimination. Deleted a scene at a time and tried to publish, if it still crashed, I deleted another scene. Until I found the scene that was stopping it from publishing. So deleted all the other scenes and focussed on the one that was causing it to crash. I then did the same process with each slide. 

I was left with one slide, I deleted everything from the slide, and it published. So started deleting element by element using the timeline pane at the bottom, eventually found an empty text box in the middle of the screen. Delete that and magic!

In hindsight that slide was the one that was showing as blank in the Scenes pane on the left-hand side!

TL;DR - look for a slide that isn't previewing right in the Scenes panel on the left. It has probably got a rogue element on it. 

Hope this helps someone, would be good to give something back to this great user forum!

Best wishes.