Storyline 360 freezing?

Hello all, 

Last time I posted on one of these I got my problems solved so hoping that happens again!

Every single day this week my Storyline 360 has been freezing up at least once a day, over very minute tasks such as resizing/moving a shape or taking something from the icon library. It is very frustrating and causing me to lose work constantly. Anyone else having that issue?

Also I am not one of those people who has several storyline files open at once or even many programs open at once! I usually have a Word doc, SL 360, Chrome and a few images open at once, that's all. 

Hope someone can help. I am going to run a virus scan and see if that's a possibility.



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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Jessica - Sorry to hear that you're having a difficult time with this.

Is the issue happening with a single project file or just files in general?

If not, please reach out to our team here so that we can dig a bit deeper. 

That's not the experience we would like you to have with the software.

Hi Mia - Looks like the same advice goes for you as well :)

Shirley Day

I have submitted reached out a couple of times about my project freezing and haven't heard back from anyone. I've uninstalled/installed and even copied files over to a new project and the problem keeps happening. I loved working on Storyline 2 and never had this problem. I'm at the point of asking for a refund if it's at all possible. 

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Shirley,

I see that you and Angelo have been in touch regarding this and the most recent information he sent you was to do a clean install of Storyline 360. The freezing behavior is not something we'd expect - but if you need to go the refund route, our Success team is able to help you with that. 

Shirley Day

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for getting back to me. The freezing is not what I expect either. I didn't have this issue with Storyline 2.

I followed Angelo's instructions and it worked beautifully...for two hours. Then it froze up again when I tried to insert a character. So I followed his instructions again and shut down for the day.

I will give it a go for the next couple of days, and if it freezes up one last time, I'll ask for a full refund.

I can't work like this.



Ashley Terwilliger

Hi John,

I'm sorry you've run into this issue - can you tell us a bit more about what occurs? I know some individuals ran into issues with downloading content library characters and they need to enable the endpoints described here.  You may need to ask your IT team about that, and I'd also look at ensuring you're on the latest update of Storyline 360 as some fixes came out in the last two weeks. 

Let me know if you can check into those items and how it goes! We can keep troubleshooting from there.

Eydie Castro

Good afternoon!

I am experiencing the same, Articulate 360 is freezing.  Previously it stopped working and closed itself automatically.  Today, I even removed some of the previous versions from my C drive, and the issue remains. The project I am working on has software simulations and demos - I am wondering if the size of the project (117 MB) is impacting the performance of the tool.  What type of projects were others developing when they experience the same issues?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Eydie, 

I'm sorry to hear you ran into some freezing as well! Does it only happen when you're working on this one project, or anytime you're working in Storyline? You mentioned removing previous versions, do you mean earlier copies of the .story file? 

Can you also check that you're using the latest update, Storyline 360, build 3.21.17083.0?  You can check by going to the "Help" Tab -> "About Articulate Storyline".

Lastly, I'd want to make sure you're also working on a local copy of your project and adhering to the other guidelines here to prevent odd behavior. 

Alejandro González

Hello Storyline community,

I revive this old post in case any of you happened to find a solution. In my case, Storyline freezes when changing from one slide to another. When I right-click and close in the Windows toolbar, I can see the saving prompt, and is clickable, but doesn't save. After that, interface is still frozen and I have to kill the app (Task manager). If I'm lucky I get some of it recovered. It happens 1-4 times a day, approx.


Alejandro González
Katie Gokhshteyn

Hello, Alejandro. Sorry to hear that you face this roadblock every day! 😱

Is this happening with one project file or multiple ones? Also, have you had a chance to see if a simple Storyline 360 repair helps resolve the freezing?

Let me know, and we'll explore our next troubleshooting steps!

Hello Katie,

Thanks for your interest. It happens with at least two completely different projects. I've done those repair procedures recently, because I just got out of this issue too. I'm on a bug spree apparently :D

Katie Riggio

Hi, Alejandro. Appreciate this extra piece of information!

While I'm glad to hear that updating Storyline 360 to the latest version solved your Media Library issue, we also want to help solve the freezing problem.

Because your setup sounds great and you already went through a repair, this is an excellent opportunity for our Support Engineers to jump in and analyze on your diagnostic logs! I've opened a case with the team, and you'll be getting an email from one of our engineers shortly.

I'll follow along to update this discussion with what we find out!

James Kiessling

I am on my second week of a trial and the software keeps freezing. In fact, I worked all Saturday and that work has somehow vanished. I've updated the software (last week) and as of 9:15am on this fine Monday, Storyline 360 has frozen no less than 3 times. So frustrating.

What is more stable 2 or 3? I'm giving up on 360. The only feature that I like in 360 is the modern player. I wish that was in 3.

Crystal Horn

Hi  James. I'm sorry to hear you're having a frustrating time with Storyline 360 freezing. Could you work with my team to find out why that's happening? 

If you end up considering a perpetual, standalone version of Storyline, you'll want to use Storyline 3. It is the latest version with the best HTML5 support, although it won't be updated with all of the same features as Storyline 360. We're happy to work with you on what best fits your needs!

Chris Pim

I have freezing problems too on 2 different quite large projects. It's happening on two computers with 2 different accounts on both projects.

The same version of Storyline 360

I am NOT happy at all!!!!

Why are there so many problems with this product? I have at least two other bug problems being looked into and now I am finding the product unusable because of this freezing problem.