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Jan 13, 2022

Hi, I have a few questions regarding the Storyline 360 product which I shall leave below:


• Is it possible for an LMS / e-Learning system to extract a question, the correct answer and the answer the user selected e.g. Question: “What colour added to red makes purple?”, correct answer: “blue” and answer the user selected “green”. So this information would then be viewable on an LMS, so rather than just saying the user got 0/1 marks for the question, it details what the question was and how they answered compared to the correct answer.


• Is it also possible to extract this information and output as a results screen of it’s own? I know there is a results page but then only covers what score or percentage the user scored, I was hoping for a more in depth results page that showed each individual question, the correct answer to the question and then also the answer the user selected. So again rather than saying something like 8/10 for all the questions, show each individual question with the correct answer and also the answer that the user selected.


• Is it possible for storyline 360 to track how long a user has taken from the first slide to the final slide when they exit. And then is that information extractable to an LMS for example? So at this point our LMS should be showing a list of the individual questions, the correct answers to those questions, the answer that the user selected and also the overall time taken from the first slide to the final slide.


• Is it possible for storyline 360 to create a pdf file containing all this above information as well? Similar to when you print your results and it shows the questions, the answers and score, is there a way to get storyline 360 to create a pdf file containing that information that will feed through to our LMS or to a selected email address?


• Our IT guy also asked "can it directly output the breakdown of questions and answers via communication (not print) back to the LMS or enabled to be delivered to an external source? ie like a transmit call once completed in something like json."


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Phil Mayor

For the first one The LMS should do this if it is reported via a results slide, scorm 1.2 give limited information, scorm 2004+ gives more.

Time spent in the course should be sent to the LMS, may not be possible to run a report in the LMS on this

You can get Storyline to generate a pdf using something like PDFmake but will require some coding and saving in the LMS is unlikely and you could email but will need server side tech for that

You can use xAPI to send data to an external source (LRS)