Storyline 360 & Javascript to Detect Moodle Users

Hi All

I'm needing to ask for a bit of advice.   I've seen that there's some JavaScript floating around that lets users detect if they are running from an LMS or not.

At the moment, I'm looking into Moodle to see if this can be achieved.  The storyfile we have has a 'certificate' scene built in so that we can ask for users name and details.  This is so that it can be used as a standalone file.  However, what our team are wanting to achieve is to be able to have the JavaScript to say "if running from LMS, skip the Certificate pages". 

From the example JavaScript I've found, it seemed to be the solution, however the published storyline file isn't detecting it's running from moodle.

Can anyone suggest what the problem might be?  here's the code I've been using:

var lmsAPI = parent;

var player=GetPlayer();

if (typeof lmsAPI.GetStudentName == 'function') {





Many thanks


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