Storyline 360 Music track on Project

Nov 18, 2016

I have an awesome Storyline 360 Project (my first) with narration on each slide (and in each scene).  I want to add a low volume music track, but I can only figure out how to do it per slide - which is an issue because it starts and re-stops each time and really breaks up the presentation.


How can I add a continuous music track that starts at the beginning of the published presentation and runs continuously until the end?

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Ken Manford

I'm sorry to be so dense.  

I created a folder on my PC,  IN that folder I added a background music file and and blank index.html file.

Then I added a Starting Scene in my project and inserted a web object.  I made sure that it started automatically and the target was the folder on my PC.

The project opens to that scene and never moves - nor do I have any background music.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Ken!

I cannot see the image you're trying to share here. Looks like you may be replying via e-mail.

As far as the solution that you learned from Jackson, this is not something I would be able to assist with and I encourage you to reach out to the user directly. I was simply sharing the content does seem to continue to work when upgraded to 360 and published to Articulate Online since that is what you mentioned not working. 

If you need assistance with your JavaScript, someone in the community will need to chime in.

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