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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Dan!

Although there currently isn't a way to set a default or master change the Notes font format, it's always good to know how we can make Storyline even better!

I'm going to share your thoughts in our feature request for global editing Notes text options and let you know of any new developments!

Daniel Bolia

Hi Katie,

Thank you for you reply to my question. While I'd like to be optimistic about this particular feature, I noticed that this very same issue was brought up as far back as SL-1, seven years ago. It appears that six and five years ago, others also asked this same question. The standard reply seems to be "This feature is not available, please submit a feature request."

Perhaps because no one asked about global editing of the Notes section in the last five years, it may have been overlooked. By all means, please raise the issue again to the Development Team.

Thank you,


Katie Riggio

Greetings, Dan!

I appreciate your contribution, and you're right — a global editing Notes text feature has been mentioned for some time. While we acknowledge the time frame and read every conversation around the feature, we're committed to ensuring its impact and benefit for the majority of users comes first.

You can learn more about our feature prioritization process here!

We aren't planning to develop this capability at this time, but we'll continue to share input with the right team and keep you updated on any changes!

Monica Russell

I don't know if this will help, but I would also like to request the ability to change the Notes section to a default that is higher than the current 9. I am working on a 42 slide eLearning now and I have to update each Note section so that I am not squinting when I begin to record. Thanks for the link to the feature prioritization process as well. 

Daniel Bolia

Hi Monica,

Apparently there's no easy way to do what you're talking about. This request has been talked about since SL version 1, It's not a priority. It is frustrating that we can't even set the default font size for the Note section in the Master Slide. The only way I've found is to use the Duplicate Slide function when I create a new slide. I know this is not a solution if you already have the slides created.

Good luck with your project,