Storyline 360 Practice Files Link

Please provide me with the Storyline 360 Practice Files link. In reviewing the previous responses to this question, the page layout and link locations do not appear to be in the same place as before. 

The "Getting Started" video tutorial shown in the link below does not provide the link for the Storyline 360 Practice Files.

Please provide me with the direct link. 

Thank you in advance. 



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Ren Gomez

Hi Audrey,

Sorry to hear you're unable to find those links! You can now find the practice files on our new Articulate 360 training website.

When you sign in, you can click on the Recorded Webinars tab, click the Getting Started series, and select Tutorials: Storyline 360. You'll find the practice files under Downloads on the right.

Be sure to check out any other topics you'd like to learn about while you're there! 

Audrey Burks

Please disregard.

After quite a bit of searching I came across the link I needed.

Thank you Wendy Farmer for simply providing the information needed along with the actual links!