Storyline 360 - Print button in player not working

Sep 13, 2018


I am using Storyline 360 to create some training modules. Within the modules, we would like a print button which allows the user to click and immediately print that page or the whole presentation. 

I have used the Javascript window.print(); to create the button on the tutorials player in the top right, however when I test its functionality in IE, Chrome, SCORM cloud or Storyline itself, nothing happens.  

Undoubtedly it's something I am missing, please can someone let me know how to figure this issue out?   

Thanks in advance.  

Best Wishes, 

Josh Eley

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Josh.  We have some situations documented with using JavaScript triggers.  I'll ask a few questions to narrow down what's happening on your end:

  • What format are you choosing when publishing?
  • When you are testing this functionality, are you getting a blank report, or does simply nothing at all happen?
  • If you can share your .story file here, I'm happy to test on my setup!